James Casey
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Thursday 3/24 the James Casey Band will be debuting at Kenny Castaway’s with James on tenor sax, Corey Bernhard on keys, Adam Agati on guitar, Reuben Cainer on bass, and Jonas Imbert on drums. The set will run one hour.

For the launch of our new series, The Revivalist Sessions, we brought a talented group of musicians into the studio to record what they’re currently working on. The first installment features James Casey, DJ Ginyard, Corey Bernhard, Justin Tyson, and Nozomi Yamaguchi working out some tunes for their project that will be out at the end of the year. Check out the video below for an inside look into what happens when musicians hit the studio to record. Then take a listen to a mix of the track guitarist, Nozomi Yamaguchi put together for us.

Earlier this week, some our favorite musicians joined us in the studio for a marathon recording session for our new series, The Revivalist Sessions. We were fortunate enough to have a sneak peek into the recording process and grab some amazing audio and video to share with all of you. Here’s a taste of things to come!

James Casey is a quadruple threat. As a saxophonist, drummer, singer and composer, the NY-based musician is a man of many talents. He has lived in New York for only three years but has quickly gone from living off pennies to playing with some of the top musicians in the city. James recently sat down with The Revivalist to school us on saxophone folk, tell us where all the jazz cats from Boston learned how to play, let us peek into his iPod and share with us what it is like to work at Disneyworld.

The Revivalist family held down the dingy jazz haven Nublu last Thursday night to celebrate the launch of our website. Special guests included powerhouse Maurice Brown, Igmar Thomas and the Cypher and The Beast, who shared in celebration with the release of their project The Freedom Suite.

The Revivalist has Launched! Check out our teaser …
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