Jamire Williams
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Jamire Williams’ ERIMAJ took crowds on a journey at Harlem Stage this past weekend. They have certainly have taken the reigns for music change today.

Tomorrow night (5/8/13), Harlem Stage is presenting an exciting double bill featuring ERIMAJ and Fabian Almazan as a part of the 2013 annual Harlem Jazz Shrines Festival. While ERIMAJ continues to intrigue fans with dynamic performances and original compositions from their recent Conflict of a Man, pianist Fabian Almazan will be debuting a special project with strings.

James Dewitt Yancey has garnered all the posthumous acclaim you’d expect for a hip-hop visionary underappreciated outside of his circles. Whether it be for his impeccable choice of samples through a multitude of different styles, his uncanny knack of blowing your mind with his musicianship or his humility in a sea of egos and gold chains, he is revered as a legend beyond the realms of hip-hop music, and rightfully so.

Leading up to the February 26th release of ‘Cover Art,’ we will be bringing you interviews with the musicians and previews of the songs each one arranged for the record, so check back with us often! Today we’re interviewing drummer Jamire Williams who arranged “Refractions In The Plastic Pulse” by Stereolab for ‘Cover Art.”

Jazz and Style have frequently intertwined throughout different eras, but let us be the first to say that the time has come again — it is “cool” to be a jazz musician. Style is something that we sometimes take for granted, but artists like Kenneth Whalum, Christian Scott, Jamire Williams, and others are taking it back to the days of Miles, Trane, and Bird with their unique personas, musical tastes, and physical appearances. Check out saxophonist Kenneth Whalum III featured in the Style section of the Washington Post for his musical stylings.