Romain Collin
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Described by NPR host Jon Weber as “a visionary composer, an extraordinary jazz pianist, and a very bright young rising star in the jazz world,” Romain Collin continues to develop his vision, combining the tradition of improvisation with sound designing and classical music. With each new release, he continues to make his mark on the New York scene, as well as internationally.

As The Calling is witness, Collin found two like-minded peers throughout his journey in drummer Kendrick Scott and bassist Luques Curtis with which he could explore the depths of his deeply personal compositions. Taken as one fluid piece of work, the album is experimental and explosive with a touch of intimacy. It takes listeners on a journey, a soundtrack complete with storylines, dialogue and intrigue folded into synthesizers, palates, and the relationships made between Collin’s melodic and harmonic dialogues meeting the rhythmic force of Curtis and Scott.

Pianist Romain Collin has been on a mystic voyage of his own, since leaving France at the age of 16 to study the world and the music spewing forth from it’s many springs, hollows, subterranean spaces, and expansive outer reaches. Creating auditory landscapes that sound like much more accurate interpretations of the galaxies that space programs spend billions to glimpse from satellite feeds than those in aeronautical accounts, Collin hopes to eventually split his time between trio performance and movie scoring.