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Piano chords shift like the swinging pendulum of time, in and out and up and down as they lift towards the soft soprano sax. It hums quiet keep reading »

They say it all started with a bang — and that it did on the Revive Stage at NYC’s 2016 Winter Jazzfest. By only 7 keep reading »

Revive Da Live will again be hosting an entire night of music at Sullivan Hall this year as part of Winter Jazz Festival. The line-up for the night is set to include an intriguing melting pot of styles, generations, instrumentations, and explorations. From 7:45pm to 4:00am on Saturday 1/7/11, you can catch Lakecia Benjamin & Soul Squad, Fabian Almazan & Strings, the Justin Brown Group, the Wallace Roney Band, Ben Williams & The Sound Effect, Jesse Fischer’s Soul Cycle ft. Casey Benjamin, and Marc Cary’s Cosmic Indigenous with special guest Igmar Thomas.