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Cory Henry is consistently the guy in the back of the band that makes you shake and move with his infectious grooves. His style inspires viral videos of him blazing on the organ in church, performing with Snarky Puppy, and grinding in his bedroom to name only a few. Long story short, you want to see him play no matter the setting, style, instrument, or group. Cory brings it.

I told him, “Man, I’m not trying to make any money, I’m just having fun.” He told me that with my voice and talent, I should be making money doing it. But it came in one side and kind of just hung up there somewhere. Then when I was 18, he called me up and said that I had to write a song. I was like yeah right, because at that time I was preparing to be an All-American basketball player. I laughed about it but didn’t pursue it. He called back a few more times, each with more urgency and persuasion. Finally he told me he had made a bet that he could cut a record as good as a Motown record that we’d have on the radio within three months. He had seen a commercialism in me that I had not even seen. I just knew that people would shout, clap, and yell “Yay Mike” when I sang at the jazz supper clubs.