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We caught up with bassist and producer Lex Sadler for a look into how he’s bringing his passion for electronic music into the jazz realm. Touring as Blitz the Ambassador’s bassist and planning projects with Ari Hoenig, Sadler has spread himself over a wide range of musicians and is bringing it all together with his numerous innovative projects. With the release of ‘Twenty Three Seven,’ Sadler shows us a glimpse of the future of integrating live musicians with loops and samples. Check out our interview and take a sneak peak at how the album was made in the video below.

Happy Birthday to the one and only songstress, activist, and inspiration Nina Simone. Check out some responses from artists around the web!

For this weeks Friday round up we decided to do it a little different: this is a roundup of our whole Transatlantic Jazz issue. As we come to a close on this issue and embark on a new theme, we thought we would pick some of our favourite features that encompass the past African theme. Enjoy your weekend!

Happy 4th of July to all of our Revivalist readers! Before you go out to the beach or to that backyard or rooftop barbeque, take a listen to the top interviews and music selections of our current issue “Transatlantic Jazz: Africa” in collaboration with Strut Records. You pretty much have a great playlist here for whatever gathering you are going to today, already hand selected for you by Revivalist staff. This has been our most kick-ass issue thus far, so ENJOY!

Blitz the Ambassador is a Brooklyn based emcee–by way of Ghana–who is fast attracting international attention for his musical ingenuity and his DIY indy hip-hop community that he has cultivated under the platform of his self-made label Embassy MVMT. His music is an amalgamation of political ferver, West African Highlife, Afrobeat and Afro-funk, early 90s boom bap lyrical stylings, visual art, and the element of egalitarianism that he loves and admires about football (what American’s call soccer).

So much has happened this week! It just zoomed by without you even knowing and we know its been hard to keep up so, here is our solution this week. Here is a round up of what you missed no more need to worry. Enjoy your weekend and your Independence Day (no offense to the brits who lost over 300 years ago).