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The Daptone Records family has made a name for themselves through inserting sheer, insatiable soul into everything that they do. We’re not talking about soul music necessarily, but the spirit and the soul of the music is undeniable and and wholly engrossing. With the announcement of a gospel dropping on February 5th, we had to delve into it.

There is something special about the LA music scene that has allowed the space and environment for many different grassroots music communities to form and flourish, with artists moving fluidly, almost without boundaries. Miles Tackett from Breakestra is one of the musicians responsible for the abundance of great music cyphers in LA for the past decade and a half, as the founding member of Breakestra–an almost musician collective–or more so a band with constantly moving and changing parts that grew organically out of a weekly musician/DJ jam. This was one of the first events of this kind that were spawned out of the lush period of hip-hop where emcees, jazz musicians, DJs, breakdancers–and anyone else who wanted to throw down–were welcome to do so in one space. Miles spoke with us about the beginnings of Breakestra, the pre Daptones funk and soul resurgence, and the dope cats to learn more about on the live music circuit.