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Our good friends over at CultureFphile recently enlisted the expertise of Revive Music Group’s very own Founder & CEO, Meghan Stabile for a piece entitled “A Letter to All Musicians–From Meghan Stabile” which breaks down some important DOs and DON’Ts for musicians in the industry today.

Somi is truly the example of a polyculturalist. Born to parents from Rwanda and Uganda, the enchanting vocalist writes and performs her songs in multiple languages. Her songs articulate the experiences spanning generations, and they illuminate the colorful cultures and sounds of communities throughout the African diaspora.

Lucius, the indie soul twinnies were a delight to stumble upon at the Paste party in the Lower East Side on Wednesday night. These two Berklee College alums were simply mesmerizing on stage, singing, playing percussions, and keyboards simultaneously, backed by an all male band. With a tinge of folk, indie rock, tons of energizing electro synth rhythms, and the power vocals of some Motown soul sirens with outfits to match, Lucius’ dynamic get up is a definite CMJ 2011 highlight.

Any music lover in New York with a general curiosity for up-in-coming international music and care to share the same space with legendary performers will have passed through SOBs at some point. This historical venue has been standing strong for 29 years now has the longest running Brazilian music series in New York, which started the year that SOBs was founded in 1982. Larry Gold, the founder of SOBs has created a uniquely home-like atmosphere for live music, where the best Brazilian, Latin, Jazz, R&B, Soul and hip-hop acts have played since their humble beginnings.

Welcome to Issue #7, which marks one cycle around the sun for The Revivalist. That’s right, this month we celebrate our 1-year anniversary. We want to deeply thank our avid readers, our amazing musicians, the incredibly talented creative team, our writers, and our brilliant partners and collaborators past and present: the awesome Okayplayer family, Miles Davis Properties LLC, Strut Records, Ubiquity Records, Stonesthrow, Impulse, and this month SOBs. For those of you just joining us, our mission is to expose amazing music related to and rooted in jazz from all over the globe. Whether we’re exploring the improvisation and ingenuity of the L.A. beat scene, to the ways that Miles Davis has helped us disregard the fictitious lines that bind and strangle musical genres, to our look at how Max Roach inspired Tony Allen to co-create Afrobeat, to us, Jazz is about creating a new dialogue, and new possibilities.

The College Music Journal (CMJ) has long been the prevailing voice for up-and-coming and break out artists. A 5-day music marathon is the staple meat and potato platter for music enthusiasts throughout New York City, who get a potpourri of music acts, ranging from every feasible genre preference from every corner of the world. Out of the hundreds of performances throughout the week, here are some of our top picks.

There was a time not so long ago when artists were as concerned about their performance, their persona, and their outfits, in addition to the funky grooves that they were sending out into the airwaves. The Revivalist shares with you our favorite images of funk fashion royalty, artists who have carried trends over the decades, and pioneered aesthetic choices and started trends, while simultaneously audaciously declaring their identity through their choice of clothing.

I had bands in New Orleans and Memphis and so forth, so the younger people can play. They are working hard and they are very accomplished musicians, I’ve never been disappointed with a band backing me up on the road yet. They’ve all been good players, they learn my songs, and that’s the future of music, all of these young players.

Dennis Coffey has racked up an arsenal of fire recordings through the span of the past five decades, and now at 70, he’s still going strong. The former Funk Brother once electrified Motown’s library with funky guitar licks, and his trusty wah-wah, appearing on tracks for Valerie Simpson (Ashford & Simpson), Funkadelic. Coffey was the first white performer on the popular show Soul Train, and his now infamous song “Scorpio” once was set at #6 on the Billboard Pop Chart, an amazing feat for an instrumental record.

When developing the concept for our current issue, and in discussing the growth of funk and soul and their connections with jazz music, we brainstormed who we could team up with that would be a good representation of the funk/soul ethos, and the crux of this issue’s content. One San Francisco record label who has constantly made brilliant and unknown artists emerge from obscurity, and expose people to the most fantastic of the unknown, is Ubiquity Records.