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Drummer, producer, and composer Mark Guiliana is one of the most sought-after drummers on the scene today. Throughout his career, Guilaina has backed notable names like Meshell Ndegocello, Gretchen keep reading »

Music lives and breathes on stage. The split second choices that improvisers make and the communication between musicians on the bandstand provide audiences a sense keep reading »

We are continuing our “Evolution Of An Instrument” series this week by taking a look at the evolving nature of jazz piano. The piano, which can be played as both a melodic, rhythmic and improvisational instrument, has been an integral part of jazz since the genre’s inception. In the early years of jazz, as the music migrated from New Orleans to Chicago to New York, each city’s players brought their merging of sounds and influences to the piano; ragtime from New Orleans, stride from Chicago, and swing from New York. Through swing grew the inventive sounds of bebop and hard bop and the creation of what we now call modern jazz. Pianists, who were also often bandleaders and composers, were at the heart of this transformation and led the way in creating new sounds, chordal ideas and improvisational melodic ideas.

Esperanza Spalding’s Grammy win on Sunday was a clear sign to a fledgling generation that there is a whole world that exists outside their interests. Many folks may already know this because they had to see it by watching the Grammys in the first place. What’s most galling about the repercussions of the infamous Spalding upset is the constant stream of vitriol that’s heaped on Twitter days after the fact. The internet is now replete with tired, retweeted jokes about Spalding’s high key-low profile, yet if one were to comb through these Justin Bieber maniacs’ poorly spelled reactions, every now and again a convert appears.

Celebrating the release of his double-disc album Highway Rider on Nonesuch Records, Brad Mehldau will launch a corresponding tour starting November 5th. Mehldau will be joined by Joshua Redman and a live orchestra, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra for U.S. dates and Britten Sinfonia for international dates.