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Called cultural nationalist, “musical prophet”, dissident, griot and icon. Called “the lone prince of the Black Arts Movement,” culture-bearer, provocateur, street scholar and bluesologist. On Friday May 27, Gil (Gilbert) Scott-Heron, an architect of hip-hop culture, whose voice defined a collective movement for black liberation, passed away. Just a teenager when the Black Arts Movement began in Harlem, Scott-Heron’s body of work and aesthetics of resistance has come to define the pain, oppression, complexity and beauty that sparked and sustained the Black Power Movement.

What Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson achieved with Winter In America was a deftly scored illustration of the streets with the understanding that they were the proprietors of a national platform with the potential to amplify the voiceless as effectively as the evening news projected world leaders. This was recording as a conduit for change without the flourishes of major soul music or the hymns of longhaired rebellion coming from American folk rock.