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Veteran keyboardist Raymond Angry is set to perform at The Jazz Gallery on Thursday, July 23rd for a total of two sets starting at 8 keep reading »

Mark your calendars for Justin Brown’s NYESUI upcoming performance at the Jazz Gallery this Saturday, January 31st, for two sets. Brown will be joined by keep reading »

Jazz and Style have frequently intertwined throughout different eras, but let us be the first to say that the time has come again — it is “cool” to be a jazz musician. Style is something that we sometimes take for granted, but artists like Kenneth Whalum, Christian Scott, Jamire Williams, and others are taking it back to the days of Miles, Trane, and Bird with their unique personas, musical tastes, and physical appearances. Check out saxophonist Kenneth Whalum III featured in the Style section of the Washington Post for his musical stylings.

Check out the indelible Kris Bowers performing as part of the Monk in Motion series at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center tomorrow 1/28/12. Between his all-star band (Casey Benjamin, Kenneth Whalum III, Burniss Travis, and Joe Saylor) and a special guest list that encompasses some of his frequent collaborators (Jose James, Taylor McFerrin, MIke Cottone & Jehbreal Muhammad), Bowers continues to represent a major impact on the scene.