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CHURCH is back in NYC this weekend as Mark de Clive-Lowe hits NuBlu on Saturday, 12/10. Rocking alongside MdCL on stage are bassist Tim Lefebvre keep reading »

Following the success of his 2014 album CHURCH, broken beat maestro Mark de-Clive Lowe has been drawing crowds to witness the spectacle that is CHURCH –  a keep reading »

While “Nova Roda” — the second track off Mark de Clive-Lowe‘s critically-acclaimed CHURCH LP — might have only clocked in at a minute and fifty-one keep reading »

Keyboardist, producer, composer and beat maestro Mark de Clive-Lowe took center stage in his adopted hometown of Los Angeles and performed live on-the-fly flips classical keep reading »

Pianist, producer, and beat-maestro Mark de Clive Lowe has once again blessed us with a brand new track. MdCL’s latest goody is a live recording of keep reading »

  Pianist, composer, and super-producer Mark de Clive-Lowe is best known for blending a mélange of genres into one overarching sound. A sonic palette as broad as keep reading »

Mark de Clive-Lowe recently dropped the video for “Sketch for Miguel” on Okayplayer. MdCL’s newest video was filmed at Los Angeles’s Stagg Street Studios during the recording keep reading »

It’s safe to say that most of us have already gone through the rounds of hearing Edward Elgar’s number one hit while sitting through boring keep reading »

Yuki “BIGYUKI” Hirano needs no formal introduction. BIGYUKI plays the keys as if he’s personally blessed by the music gods and he continues to leave keep reading »

We recently posted parts one and two of an interview with Mark de-Clive Lowe highlighting how his latest album, CHURCH, is a reflection of the jam sessions keep reading »