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Piano chords shift like the swinging pendulum of time, in and out and up and down as they lift towards the soft soprano sax. It hums quiet keep reading »

Ben Williams‘ Coming of Age LP is certainly one of our favorite full-length album offerings of 2015. Released earlier this year on April 21st via keep reading »

Bassist, composer and bandleader Ben Williams will be giving a free Q&A discussion about his sophomore album, Coming of Age at the SoHo Apple Store. keep reading »

Bassist Ben Williams‘ compositions are some of the most broad-minded tunes being played at the moment. With his arrangements and compositions, he captures the spirit keep reading »

Ben Williams is one of the most in-demand bassists of his generation. “Ben has a fearless and open-minded approach to what music can be,” comments keep reading »

Join Ben Williams on April 23 at The Cutting Room as he celebrates the release of Coming Of Age, his forthcoming album from Concord Records. keep reading »