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James Dewitt Yancey has garnered all the posthumous acclaim you’d expect for a hip-hop visionary underappreciated outside of his circles. Whether it be for his impeccable choice of samples through a multitude of different styles, his uncanny knack of blowing your mind with his musicianship or his humility in a sea of egos and gold chains, he is revered as a legend beyond the realms of hip-hop music, and rightfully so.

It’s kind of an organic way of me putting all of those things together. We can’t just call it one thing, or one specific genre, if you will. I like to call it “social music” because it’s for the people to enjoy. I’m really happy about it because it blends a little bit of everything with vocals and lyrics. The vocalists [do] not necessarily sing lyrics, but they are another instrument and will just sing the melodies versus melodies and lyrics. ERiMAJ explores that big beat, alternative rock and hip-hop—everything’s in there.

Erimaj, Alecia Chakour & The Osrah. and DJ Waajeed are coming out to Brooklyn for a surprise collaborative night at Littlefield next Thursday. The concert will start at 9pm and tickets are $12. Erimaj recently released his single “Conflict of a Man” and has been receiving rave reviews for it. Meanwhile Alecia Chakour has been out on the circuit continuing to spread her talent and name through performing with the likes of Soulive, Nigel Hall and more. She will be playing a set with her own band The Osrah.

Check out the release of the first single from all-star drummer, Jamire Williams, upcoming release Conflict of a Man under the name Erimaj. Williams comprises an experienced and multi-talented group to join him on the project including Corey King, Vicente Archer, Chris Turner, Matt Stevens and Alan Hampton guest-songwriting.