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Producer, drummer and DJ Karriem Riggins is hitting Alphabet City’s Nublu on November 4 alongside DJ Spinna, DJ Dummy as well as supa-emcee Common. Riggins keep reading »

The annual Red Bull Music Academy has grown into a hotly anticipated event of seminars, classes and performances, and being held in New York City for the first time has driven the quality and demand up to new heights. In one of the most anticipated events of the month long festival, A Night of Improvised Round Robin Duets at Brooklyn Masonic Temple was a magnet of multiple genres and sensibilities, making for an once-in-a-lifetime musical potluck that nourished music lovers of all types. Here’s a recap of every duet:

If there is one thing you should know about DJ Spinna it’s that he is an auteur. No matter the context, Spinna’s creative vision shines through project after project with each new idea bringing together an original piece of artistry with an overarching theme that lets listeners appreciate the originals in a new light. With his latest mix tape entitled “The Eccentric Movements of José James,” Spinna intertwines the early releases James put out with some of his favorites as well as a peak at some music from James’ forthcoming No Beginning, No End.

He’s modern jazz. He’s innovative. He’s the future… I feel as though Robert has that baton – the baton that 20 years ago Bill Laswell and Herbie Hancock had in their hands runnin’ with it and all that came after it. His jazz chops are so on the ball they can start doing real progressive things! They can take those J Dilla chords and apply them to 7/8 meter. Especially when The Experiment is performing… they’re really doing some aggressive rhythmic stuff together. They’re really applying a lot of polyrhythms that really haven’t been executed before in hip hop or jazz. -Questlove on Robert Glasper

World-renowned DJ, Producer, Remixer, Composer, Musician, and Tru Thoughts recording artist Mark de Clive-Lowe (MdCL), joined by Nate Smith (José James/Dave Holland) on Drums and Matt Penman (Joshua Redman/SF Jazz Collective) on bass, with special guest Jose James and DJ Spinna.

Why did we choose Bitches Brew for the first “Issue?” When one of our brethrens at Revive was asked to sit on the panel at last year’s CMJ Music Marathon Week by the Miles Davis Estate to talk about the intersections between jazz and hip-hop and how it relates to Bitches Brew, we jumped out of our seats and said “yes, yes!” At last there was a camp, the Miles Davis Estate, that like ours, valued progressive jazz music beyond the confines of strict genre assignments. We respected what the estate was doing, connecting with young cats in different areas of popular culture, and outside of academic jazz circles, to revitalize the legacy of Miles Davis—and not just Miles Davis—but the eras of music that can be connected directly back to his influence.

DJ Spinna will be hosting Retro party where it seems anything will go. From the ’60s through the ’90s and from Rock and Pop to Funk and Soul, Spinna will be doing his thing from 10pm-4am at Santos House on Saturday 8/20.

When the Revivalist caught legendary funk vocalist Steve Arrington at Southpaw on Friday February 18th, 2011 awaiting his stage debut after 25 years, he was sitting inconspicuously on a lone stool in the corner of the club, feeling out both his own emotions and those of the growing crowd that came out early to warm up in the funky beats DJ Spinna so aptly stewed up.