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In an exclusive piece for Revive, actor/director Don Cheadle put pen to paper to discuss his forthcoming Miles Davis biopic, “Miles Ahead,” and the experience of working keep reading »

It’s time for a new installment of Revive Music’s original literary series: Order is Everything! This is a how-to guide for music lovers looking to keep reading »

Off the heels of the successful unveiling of Miles Davis Way, the love and tributes to jazz legend Miles Davis continue– and rightfully so. This keep reading »

Why did we choose Bitches Brew for the first “Issue?” When one of our brethrens at Revive was asked to sit on the panel at last year’s CMJ Music Marathon Week by the Miles Davis Estate to talk about the intersections between jazz and hip-hop and how it relates to Bitches Brew, we jumped out of our seats and said “yes, yes!” At last there was a camp, the Miles Davis Estate, that like ours, valued progressive jazz music beyond the confines of strict genre assignments. We respected what the estate was doing, connecting with young cats in different areas of popular culture, and outside of academic jazz circles, to revitalize the legacy of Miles Davis—and not just Miles Davis—but the eras of music that can be connected directly back to his influence.

Looking back on the last forty years since the release of Bitches Brew, we have seen numerous generations of new musicians and artists coming up and making their individual, indelible marks on the world. Yet, certain things have that special spark, lingering around through the changes that time brings, altering the course of new artistry and serving as a guiding force for young artists. Bitches Brew continues to last the test of time guiding the likes of Nas, Wayne Coyne, Don Cheadle, Bill Cosby, and many more. Check out their take on how the album affected them accompanied by special edition Bitches Brew 40th Anniversary photos.