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If you haven’t checked out Day Breaks, shame on you. Norah Jones‘ critically-acclaimed 2016 release features a myriad of artistic luminaries like Wayne Shorter, Brian keep reading »

Dr. Lonnie Smith isn’t a conventional doctor; in fact, he’s not even a doctor at all by any sort of official certification. What governs his accreditation instead keep reading »

This past month Dr. Lonnie released ‘In the Beginning’ which revisits twelve compositions from early in his career with a brand new octet of talented musicians. We sat down to discuss the new record as well as to take a look back at the legendary career of one of the most influential organists alive.

In the realm of hip-hop sampling, the sounds of vintage keyboards abound. Although the Fender Rhodes has been a common sonic choice by producers, samples of other vintage keyboards are widespread in the genre as well. West Coast hip-hop from the early 90s, for example, was characterized by the inclusion of portamento-ridden synths (mostly sampled from Parliament-Funkadelic, hence the spinoff term “G-Funk”). However, few beat-makers have chosen to sample the Hammond B3 Organ, one of the staple sounds heard in jazz, blues, gospel, R&B, and progressive rock since the 1950s.

Jake Sherman has grown to become a quiet force within both the jazz and pop realms. Between laying down organ on projects with the Armand Hirsch Trio, Gretchen Parlato, Kenneth “Gizmo” Rogers, and many others, as well as recording every instrument on his own solo record, Sherman has amassed a repertoire to match any and has harnessed his own style on the organ, something that is lost to many today. In our interview Jake takes us through his work as well as the inner workings of the organ on a technical scale.