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Dirt. Soil. It’s almost like jazz is linear, it’s like air. Funk to me, and soul to a degree, is like the earth. It’s the bottom of it all. It’s the beginning. It’s where it started. Gospel was kind of clean, it was like clean dirt. Funk is dirty dirt. Funk is funny. I never take funk seriously. I would feel funny playing funk in a place like Carnegie Hall because it’s not funky enough. Funky means dirt; it means smelly, greasy.

Artists can’t be afraid to really touch on other subjects and comment on the orders and disorders of the day. I think that’s important. Let people know what you feel and keep it real. It doesn’t mean we’re only making flowers here. You have to talk about the dirt as well.

“If you start not accepting creativity and you start having manufactured songs, then what is—where is the industry going? What do you get inspiration from? You know what I mean? That’s why Miles was Miles, because he was really able to create, and just have a blank canvass and create masterpieces.” – Vince Wilburn