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With Eddie Palmieri’s upcoming concert revival of his classic Harlem River Drive (1971) on the horizon, Revive has protest music on the mind. Before Palmieri and his band perform the keep reading »

A few months ago, Fader released Kenneth Whalum III‘s gorgeous track “Ghost Town,” a part of his upcoming project, Through Hell and High Water. The saxophonist, singer, and producer has recorded and keep reading »

Fri. May 13th, “No Land for Beasts” comes to Gin Fizz for a night of grooves, synths, and sounds courtesy of Yuki Hirano and The OX. keep reading »

Fresh off the tail of the igneous 1960’s, 1971 was still a hotbed of activists seeking justice, equality, and freedom from the skewed social constructs that stained the past keep reading »

As part of this resurgence in jazz music uptown, The Jazz Museum in Harlem is connecting new generations of music lovers to the world of jazz through a historical lens, and through practical application. From free films showings to music clinics that are open to the public, this month is ripe with great programs.