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It’s time for a new installment of Revive Music’s original literary series: Order is Everything! This is a how-to guide for music lovers looking to keep reading »

Flora Purim is a world renowned vocalist who has collaborated with legendary musicians such as Gil Evans, Stan Getz, Chick Corea Dizzy Gillespie and her husband Brazilian percussionist Airto Moreira. She moved from Rio de Janeiro to New York in 1967 to flee the strict government of her country. In Brazil she had already collaborated with prolific multi instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal. He helped train her voice and encouraged to take her voice to new heights, not just singing pretty melodies but encompassing various sounds whether they were ugly or pretty.

“The New Wave Of Jazz Is On Impulse!” reads one of the opening pages of the liner notes on this new limited edition set. Indeed, it was a new wave, and it started as simply and brilliantly with that logo. This collection celebrates six albums during a short period of time, 1960-1961, that launched the lauded label. Creed Taylor existed before Impulse!, certainly, but after paying dues with ABC/Paramount, he got his shot to present his vision of how to run a label devoted to a single genre.