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Melbourne-based quartet Hiatus Kaiyote took the world by storm upon the release of their debut album Tawk Tomahawk. Their sound, rightfully dubbed future-soul, combined lush keep reading »

2015 was quite a year in this sense – while the world may have faced great adversity, the artistic outpouring was equally tremendous. From jazz, to hip-hop, to electronic, to R&B, and everything in between, artists worldwide churned out a flood of extraordinary work that pushed boundaries and propelled music forward.

We, in an era of depleted harmonic angles and reused melodic motifs, have underwent a recent revitalization of musical brilliance in mainstream genres across the keep reading »

2015 has been one of the best years for music in recent memory. This isn’t to say that the previous years didn’t produce killing music, keep reading »

There’s a freshness and originality that Melbourne-based quartet Hiatus Kaiyote exhibit whenever they hit the stage or studio. While they have a bite of that late ’90s keep reading »

As stated previously, there are only a few things that can make us quit whatever we’re doing and focus completely on one thing. Melbourne-based band Hiatus Kaiyote dropping keep reading »

Continuing on with our favorite tracks from 2014; Revive is privileged to have worked with a few of the artists listed below and we look forward keep reading »

Early Riser may be Brooklyn-based producer Taylor McFerrin‘s debut album, but he’s hardly an amateur. Since the 2008 release of his EP Broken Vibes, McFerrin has keep reading »

For those watching for Taylor McFerrin’s long anticipated solo debut, Early Riser, the wait is almost over! The producer/musician has blessed us by leaking the album’s keep reading »

It wasn’t long ago when some of these artists were only known to some. When Gregory Porter frequented Harlem’s St. Nicks Pub, then to performing keep reading »