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As he is wont to do, Miles plays an understated, melodic solo. Then boom, out comes Trane. His tone is robust and muscular, his dynamic range is broad, and his melodic lines are filled with dissonance and tension. The solos juxtapose one another perfectly. It’s almost as if Miles uses Trane’s innate intensity as a compositional tool.

We live in a very fortunate time to have so many generations as well as so many different subsets of drummers with us today. From the traditionalists to the producers who chop them up (and some who do it all) we are extremely excited to delve into the Generations of the BEAT with insightful discussion from musicologists, the musicians who rely on these drummers, and the drummers themselves.

On March 23rd and 24th 2013, Generations of the BEAT, a two-night drummer festival hits NYC with headliners Jimmy Cobb and Billy Hart and a heavy list of notables and greats such as Andrew Cyrille, Lenny White, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Kim Thompson, E.J. Strickland and younger noteworthy drummers such as Mark Whitfield Jr. and Joe Dyson.