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New York and New Orleans have always shared jazz in common. While New York might seem as the city synonymous with jazz, the language of keep reading »

At the age of 26, Jon Batiste is only starting to show his potential to shape the development of popular music for generations to come. A true connoisseur of musical communication and tradition, Batiste is truly at his finest up close and personal whether he’s sharing his knowledge at the Jazz Museum in Harlem or starting a love riot in the streets of the Lower East Side. Today we discuss the development of his new genre of music entitled “social music” and his subsequent album of the same title with his Stay Human band that will drop on 10/15/13.

What is Jazz? You can go out and ask 100 people, musicians or not, and you may very well get 100 different answers. It is a term that is divisive, but a music that is concentrated and complex. Jonathan Batiste recently wrote a piece for CNN about this very subject and it makes for an interesting read. He brings his experience as a musician, composer, educator, and most of all, thinker to a subject that has everyone from Nicholas Payton to the New York Times arguing about it.

Jonathan Batiste’s most recent project, the Stay Human Band, will be playing at Brooklyn Bowl 12/21 from 8-9pm along with Asher Roth. As Batiste describes it, “Our goal is to heal and unite people through music. We believe in the power of music as a tool to spread goodwill across the world. Our current focus is: New York City! Life is Magic. Let It Rip. Be You. Music Unites. Stay Human.” Throughout the past couple of months the Stay Human band has been posting up videos on Youtube of their city wide musical escapades. Check some out below.

The National Jazz Museum in Harlem has released their schedule for this week, December 14th–December 21st. The affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute located on Lenox Avenue in the historic community of Harlem, The National Jazz Museum kicks off the week on Tuesday talking with the legendary drummer and deejay Kenny Washington on the history of jazz drumming with a short film.