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Supergroup is a term that gets used far too easily to describe the assembly of extraordinary individuals. The ’92 Olympic Dream Team with MJ, Magic, keep reading »

Walter Smith III’s unique voice sets him apart among this generation of saxophone greats. His compositions all possess the trademark creativity, spontaneity, and thematic development keep reading »

On Tuesday, May 28th jazz trumpet legend Terence Blanchard will be releasing his new record, ‘Magnetic,’ on Blue Note Records featuring saxophonist Brice Winston, pianist Fabian Almazan, bassist Joshua Crumbly and drummer Kendrick Scott as well as special guests Ravi Coltrane, Lionel Loueke, and Ron Carter. From 5/29-6/2 Blanchard and crew will be gracing audiences at the Jazz Standard with live performances of material from the album. We sat down to discuss his process in recording, the importance of young composers, as well as an array of topics in a conversation with the musical titan.

Jazz Standard and Blue Note Records celebrate the May 28 release of Magnetic, the stunning new album by Terence Blanchard and his great quintet featuring saxophonist Brice Winston, pianist Fabian Almazan, bassist Joshua Crumbly and drummer Kendrick Scott.

We’re about to welcome in 2013 and subsequently there is a lot to be excited about. Concerts, albums, artists, artwork, and more are coming in the new year. Check out just a few of the things you should be excited about in 2013!

As The Calling is witness, Collin found two like-minded peers throughout his journey in drummer Kendrick Scott and bassist Luques Curtis with which he could explore the depths of his deeply personal compositions. Taken as one fluid piece of work, the album is experimental and explosive with a touch of intimacy. It takes listeners on a journey, a soundtrack complete with storylines, dialogue and intrigue folded into synthesizers, palates, and the relationships made between Collin’s melodic and harmonic dialogues meeting the rhythmic force of Curtis and Scott.

Blue Note Jazz Festival, two must see shows! June 10th at 92Y featuring Derrick Hodge and The Kendrick Scott “Oracle” with Special Guest Alan Hampton and on June 13th, a night of Hip Hop and Jazz featuring Igmar Thomas & The Cypher with Special Guest MC Raydar Ellis and The Lee Morgan Story with bassist Ben Williams and Special Guest MC John Robinson

he historic Minton’s Playhouse, arguable the venue that gave birth to bebop, is reopening its doors for a one night only event brought to you by the Harlem Jazz Shrines Festival in conjunction with Revive Music Group. Bringing together legendary, emerging and established musicians to reinvigorate the spirit of jazz tradition that forged Minton’s legacy, the Revive Da Live: Late Night Jam at Minton’s Playhouse led by Greg Osby with special guests will be a historic evening. The Harlem Jazz Shrines Festival is a combined effort by the Apollo Theater, Harlem Stage, and Jazzmobile to reinvigorate Harlem’s jazz tradition by sparking the energy that enlightened the world for much of the early 20th Century.

Ahead of beginning the recording process for his new album at Avatar tomorrow, Kendrick Scott is bringing “Oracle” to the Blue Note for one night only. The line-up includes Kendrick on drums, Mike Moreno on guitar, Taylor Eigsti on piano, Joe Sanders on bass, and John Ellis on tenor sax. The record, which is being produced by Derrick Hodge, is sure to highlight both Kendrick’s rhythmic and compositional prowess, so be on the lookout in the next few months for the finished product.

I always say, whether it is good music or shitty music, it’s all about exposure. Everybody is exposed to Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is being pumped on the TV, on the radio, everywhere, billboards. When you see it you’re like, okay, Lady Gaga. Now, if you take any other thing and just give it the same exposure, it’ll probably be the same thing. I think the audience is actually there for our music, because a lot of times when I go out on the road I see people like, “Wow, I didn’t know jazz was like this.” Some people haven’t been exposed to what’s going on in New York right now.