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Summer usually brings about a plethora of good things. Chief among them are new releases and Summer 2017 certainly hasn’t disappointed. While there are plenty keep reading »

On November 5th, contemporary music magazine The FADER premiered Kenneth Whalum’s “Ghost Town,” and brought to light his oft under-acknowledged presence in the world of keep reading »

Multi-talented musician, singer and saxophonist Kenneth Whalum recently dropped this powerful video to go along with his single “Away.” The track features Whalum alongside Def keep reading »

Life holds many interests and many routes to get to many different places. For vocalist Sarah Elizabeth Charles, the duality of her interests –music, sociology, sports, politics — has begun to inform her songwriting and artistry to the point where she has become something very special and intriguing. Her music is informed by her social interactions and thus by extension society. While most music is arguably reflective of culture, Charles holds the often fleeting ability to discuss her music intellectually and takes an active interest in the continual study of both music and life. Read on for the story of Sarah’s journey into artistry.

This past weekend, Greenwich Village was busting at the seams with jazz musicians, fans and lovers. The occasion was the Winter JazzFest, a whirlwind event that spans 60 performances in five venues over two nights with 4,000 jazz attendees bustling from show to show. This year’s festival was especially packed with a noticeable amount of young people packing the venues and a charged feeling of excitement. Revive joined in the festivities with a marathon all-star lineup at Sullivan Hall. The event sold out and featured some truly incredible moments.

Is our vanguard for all things quirky and eccentric, Cee lo, watering down his sound to become a pop icon or is he simply bringing back good music? To answer this question and more, we rounded up three of the coolest musicians we know and got them to give us a quick lowdown on Cee lo’s latest offering Lady Killer; Igmar Thomas on Trumpet, Kenneth Whalum on Tenor Sax and Sam Kim on Keys.