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One of the most talented saxophonists on the scene today, Jaleel Shaw, has released a new record on his very own Changu Records entitled The Soundtrack of Things to Come. The most incredible part is that Shaw self-financed the entire record and everything involved from money he saved. Though the state of the music business is dismal, it is incredibly exciting to see musicians and bandleaders like Jaleel taking matters into their own hands and continuing to take the music to the next level.

Jazz and Style have frequently intertwined throughout different eras, but let us be the first to say that the time has come again — it is “cool” to be a jazz musician. Style is something that we sometimes take for granted, but artists like Kenneth Whalum, Christian Scott, Jamire Williams, and others are taking it back to the days of Miles, Trane, and Bird with their unique personas, musical tastes, and physical appearances. Check out saxophonist Kenneth Whalum III featured in the Style section of the Washington Post for his musical stylings.

If The Revive Big Band is a “19-piece jazz army” (Complex Magazine), then what is their fight? Formed in 2010, the Big Band began as a “wouldn’t it be cool if…” kind of idea, where composer, arranger and trumpeter Igmar Thomas wanted to unite generations of like-minded musicians in presenting a new age of big bands. The project has grown to become one of the most exciting and imaginative bands – big or otherwise – in New York.

Award winning trumpeter Christian Scott’s compelling eighth album, Christian aTunde Adjuah, is arguably the most personal project to date for the young artist. The album keep reading »

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