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Whether he’s playing piano or synthesizers, Herbie Hancock has left a legacy that symbolizes the symbiosis of new & old, of tradition & innovation, and of today & tomorrow keep reading »

2015 was quite a year in this sense – while the world may have faced great adversity, the artistic outpouring was equally tremendous. From jazz, to hip-hop, to electronic, to R&B, and everything in between, artists worldwide churned out a flood of extraordinary work that pushed boundaries and propelled music forward.

There is no guitar player that sounds like Lionel Loueke. Leaving aside his immediately recognizable vocalizations and complex compositions, we’re still left with his phrasing, which keep reading »

Incredible music has always made the fall season that much better. Here are four new albums that we believe merit all of your attention. Scroll keep reading »

Guitarist/composer/innovator Lionel Loueke first garnered acclaim as a member of Terence Blanchard’s band, which he joined while still a student at the Thelonious Monk Institute keep reading »

Supergroup is a term that gets used far too easily to describe the assembly of extraordinary individuals. The ’92 Olympic Dream Team with MJ, Magic, keep reading »

Montreal-based singer/songwriter and pianist Elizabeth Shepherd recently dropped “This,” her newest single featuring guitar sensation Lionel Loueke. The arrival of “This” sets up The Signal, Shepherd’s fifth keep reading »

The audiophiles over at Funk It have dropped a gem in the version of a live recording from the iTunes Festival 2012 featuring the Robert Glasper Experiment joined by MF Doom for renditions of Doom classics “Figaro” and “Rhinestone Cowboy.”

Lionel Loueke is a different type of musician. Not bound by the conventional techniques and thought processes, Loueke has pursued music his entire life through an entirely original set of eyes. Even upon moving from Benin to Paris and on to Boston where where he was exposed to the history behind the music he pursued, Loueke managed to keep his mind open to the endless possibilities the music allowed him and that has translated into an unmatched sense of originality, rhythmic innovation, and musical bliss. On August 28th, 2012 Lionel will release his most recent endeavor entitled “Heritage” which features co-proudcer and pianist Robert Glasper, bassist Derrick Hodge, and drummer Mark Guiliana.

Acclaimed and inventive guitarist, songwriter, vocalist Lionel Loueke will drop his latest endeavor, Heritage, August 28, 2012 on Blue Note Records. The album is co-produced by Robert Glasper who is also featured on piano with Derrick Hdoge on electric bass and Mark Guiliana on drums. Gretchen Parlato also adds in her flavor with some background vocals. In total, Heritage will feature seven compositions by Loueke, two by Glasper, and one co-written by the two of them. The title comes from Lionel’s personal ancestry.