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Wilbur “Bad” Bascomb left his mark during ’70s in what can be described as a career conglomeration of jazz, funk, and soul. Bascomb is known for laying down thick lines for everyone from Lou Donaldson and Roy Ayers to Chuck Berry and Jeff Beck. Gasface’s “Talkin’ All That Jazz” recently caught up with “Bad” for a discussion on how electronic music would change the game for musicians.

The term blue note is defined as “a minor interval where a major would be expected, used especially in jazz.” Having said that, consider the following sample list to be the “blue notes” of Blue Note, so to speak. This is a list of several Blue Note samples that were either used in an atypical manner, or were found on lesser-known tracks by largely popular artists.

Blue Note Records’ celestial compilation album, Wizard of the Vibes, pairing of virtuosic vibraphonist, Milt “Bags” Jackson coupled with the high priest of the keys, Thelonious Monk, is nothing short of musical magic. The aptly titled recording attests to the musical wizardry emblematic of this bonding of varying styles. Brewing in a cauldron of mesmerizing sounds Wizard of the Vibes display the beauty, clarity, and soothing grace of Milt Jackson’s nimble rattling of the bones juxtaposed with the spatial complexity signature to Monk’s revered chops.