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It’s that time of the year where the West Village turns into the focal point in the world of jazz. While NYC is no doubt keep reading »

In Louis Cato, music runs bone-deep. This multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer seems to master every instrument that he touches, as evidenced in this new video, keep reading »

I’m in Denver, Colorado right now and I was sitting in with a band. My drummer, Alvin Ford, came to me and showed me a Facebook update that says, “We lost another one. Rest In Peace George Duke.” I just immediately ran away somewhere where I could be alone and cry. Then I left and went back to my hotel and I’ve been crying for the last four hours. I can’t sleep. I can’t stop weeping. I’m devastated. I know God has a plan for everybody and no matter who you are, you’re not excluded from those plans. That’s the way of life.

Talib Kweli is one of the most respected rappers alive, so it is extremely fitting for him to have one of the dopest live bands to grace the hip-hop medium. This Sunday and Monday (3/17-3/18), Kweli and his band will be hitting at Brooklyn Bowl for his hometown crowd. Opening for them will be respected producer Cory-Mo out of Houston, Texas.

After concluding a European tour for his new release “Renaissance,” multi-instrumentalist and composer Marcus Miller sat down to talk with The Revivalist to make sense of his experience putting together a new band as well as delving into some history of his own. Between his early years growing up as a fast-rising studio musician to learning from the great Miles Davis, Miller gives us the rundown on his experiences.

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer, Louis Cato is a ball of versatility and a special brand of bright. Armed with perfect pitch and a precocious thirst for sound that first surfaced in him as a child, Cato is next in the lineage of ear, aesthetic, and outright skill – forces that have combined in the past to offer stylistic progenitors Victor Wooten and Marcus Miller – that have helped bring the sound of the bass from the side to the fore.

The legendary Talib Kweli sat down to give The Revivalist some straight talk on the dynamics behind his myriad of projects. From DJ’s to live bands, and from hip-hop to jazz Talib walks us through what it takes to be in his band and why a group without a DJ can’t be playing hip-hop…with a few notable exceptions. Talib lays loose into why he loves to play with a live band and what it takes to be a go-to musician for Idle Warship.