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It should come to no surprise that jazz masters who posses the secrets to the universe are also some of the flyest looking people. On keep reading »

merging from the realm of bootlegs only 8 years ago, this 1965 recording of the John Coltrane Quartet features the classic line-up (McCoy, Jimmy, and Elvin) at the groups peak. Recorded during two sessions in March and May, this radio broadcast was captured only a few months after the release of Coltrane’s seminal work, A Love Supreme.

The 2013 Jazz Journalists Association Nominees have been announced and it is an intriguing mix of musicians both generationally and geographically. Check out their nominees and be sure to tune in to see who gets the award on May 1st!

If you get into a room with some of the most amazing drummers alive, who is the luckiest person in the place? I’d say the bass players for one and that is exactly where Michael Feinberg will find himself this weekend at the Generations of the BEAT Festival. Leading a project of his own origination in tribute to the late-great Elvin Jones is one feat, but Feinberg didn’t stop there. Bringing in one of the baddest drummers alive in Billy Hart has proved to bring the Elvin Jones Project to a whole new level. Read on below as we discuss the project and more!

Mark Whitfield Jr. comes from a dynasty of incredible musicianship and that has most certainly left a mark on his life as a musician. Beginning on the drums before even he could remember, Whitfield Jr. grew up shuffling around gigs with his father always eager to hop on stage and hold down the beat. Mark will be at the Generations of the BEAT Festival with his quartet for the first time on March 24th and he’s turning 23 that day too! Check out what he had to say about the upcoming festival, advice for developing drummers, and his experience growing up in a musical dynasty.

We learned yesterday of a deep blow to our community with the loss of guitarist Jef Lee Johnson at the age of 54. Johnson is remembered for his incredible contributions to the Soulquarians (with D’Angelo, Common, Erykah Badu, The Roots) as well as the Soultronics, McCoy Tyner, Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack, and countless others in a career that spanned decades. We personally got the joy and honor of working with Mr. Johnson in the past year. Okayplayer has gathered some stories from the community. Check it out below.

Tyner, now 73, was only a few years older than I was when I first discovered him when he joined the classic John Coltrane Quartet in 1960. Today as jazz legend in his own right, he continues to tour and collaborate with newer voices who are undoubtedly inspired by him and his unique touch on the piano. At first glance, Savion Glover, dancer and Tony award-winning choreographer (Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Funk), and The Charles Tolliver Big Band would not seem like obvious choices to work with Tyner, but during recent sets at The Blue Note Jazz Club, as part of the month-long jazz festival, it’s great to see that Tyner continues to challenge the notion of what jazz is even in today’s music scene.

Since this Issue is a major focus of our site, we decided to re-launch Issue No. 2 The Hip Hop and Jazz Debate, which came out in Jan. of 2011. If you didn’t get a chance to read through all of our great features, now is your chance to go through them one by one, including a lengthy list of album reviews. Top Features from this Issue include Weldon Irvine, Respect the Architect: DJs Are Musicians, Word on Rap: The Vocal Instrument, Jazz Poetry, Rap: Cause and Effect of the Black Arts Movement, Insane in the Left Brain and DJ with Live Band vs DJ with Emcee.

For the 30th Anniversary of the Blue Note, the prestigious jazz venue located in the West Village of Mantattan, there will be 30 consecutive days of celebration throughout the month of June featuring top notch jazz performers at various New York locations. Artists range from Dave Brubeck, to McCoy Tyner playing with Savion Glover, Chaka Khan, Youssou N’Dour, Roberta Flack and many more. We urge you especially to check out events produced in association with Revive da Live. Check out the full Blue Note Jazz Festival schedule for more details.

In celebration of Impulse’s 50th anniversary, McCoy Tyner and Jose James are recreating the now classic jazz album John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman at Blue Note next week. The album is very special because it features Johnny Hartman as the only vocalist who would ever record with Coltrane. McCoy Tyner, who played on the original sessions, is recreating the album, with the help of vocalist Jose James and Eric Alexander on tenor saxophone, Gerald Cannon on bass and Francisco Mela on drums.