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Blue Note Records has announced that they signed singer-phenom Gregory Porter for his major label debut.

When Jaimeo Brown says his exploration of early American spirituals met his growing passion for Indian Tablas, jazz, and hip-hop he most certainly is not talking about any of it in a general sense. Beginning with a college thesis paper and evolving into a full album featuring his close friends JD Allen and Chris Sholar, Brown has delved into the musical, social, cultural, and intellectual factors that create the music he loves. Better yet, now he is ready to share that with the world. We sat down with Jaimeo Brown to discuss ‘Transcendence,’ his influence, and what he looks forward to accomplishing with his music.

We could not be more excited today to bring you “Army of the Faithful” from Be My Monster Love, David Murray’s first quartet album in six years. The track features a guest appearance by none other than the Grammy Award-nominated Gregory Porter as well as a brand new dynamic quartet consisting of Marc Cary on piano, Jaribu Shahid on bass, and Nasheet Waits on drums. The album, which will drop June 11th, 2013 on Motéma, will also feature guest spots by Macy Gray and Murray’s former teacher, Bobby Bradford.

Gregory Porter just released his latest album Be Good. “Be Good (Lion’s Song)” (the leading single from the album) has been a favorite at Porter’s live shows for some time. Here, it finally makes its much anticipated recording debut.