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Dessy Di Lauro is a singer-songwriter to take seriously. The soulful vocalist, born and raised in Montreal, has just released a noteworthy EP, Say Hep keep reading »

This past week has not only been a great one for music, but also tons of videos from some of our favorite artists. Check out below for some must-see media from Robert Glasper & Derrick Hodge, Christian Sands & Kris Bowers, and Ric’key Pageot & Dessy Di Lauro!

With roots in the late 19th and early 20th century, Ragtime became a hit with audiences for its “ragged rhythms” and danceability, finding its first notoriety in the black communities of St. Louis and New Orleans where the polyrhythmic patterns were first fusing their way into popular American music. For pianist and musical director Ric’key Pageot and enticing songstress Dessy Di Lauro, this is exactly where they wanted to begin their journey in fusing the popular American music of today with something with a little more substance.