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This past month Dr. Lonnie released ‘In the Beginning’ which revisits twelve compositions from early in his career with a brand new octet of talented musicians. We sat down to discuss the new record as well as to take a look back at the legendary career of one of the most influential organists alive.

There are incredible things that can be done with digital technology, but the innovation of something else seems like a waste of time to me. What’s fascinating is how we can use all of this stuff as instruments to create something we hear in our heads that we can’t get any other way. Or something we feel, something coming from us. Why not, you know?

Renowned for clever lyricism as much as the cartoonish iconography of his facial expressions, Thomas Wright Waller became known as “Fats” – a childhood nickname befitting his personality and figure, though the former proved somehow even more massive than the latter. The sight of him immortalized in black and white is proof that personality is capable of overcompensating for the lack of color in archival photos and making a big man larger than life. Waller’s mischievous smile and devilishly ebullient stage antics became as infamous as the span of his fingers.

We caught up with Kris Bowers the other day to get the facts on some rumors we had been hearing around town about him picking up the organ in addition to his repertoire of skills. He gives us the story on how and why he took up the organ in the past year as well as what he’s working on now (HINT – Debut Record!). Read on as we break it all down.