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Alright, cats– time to revise your list of must-listen-to records. The man himself, drummer Pat Van Dyke (PVD), gives us a track-by-track analysis of his latest keep reading »

We caught up with multi-instrumentalist and producer PVD, one half of a collaboration with rapper 8thW1 that bred the ‘Lux DeVille’ project. Their music is a cross-breed that walks the line between masterful rap lyricism and the type of groove bred of live instrumentation and rhythms that make your body’s timekeeping duties shift from internal to external. Take in the record with some insight from the man who made it happen.

In commemoration of what would have been John Coltrane’s 86th birthday on 9/23/12, John Robinson and Pat Van Dkye are dropping a track entitled “Miles & Trane” from their forthcoming album. “We just really did the song in commemoration to them both. I felt like it was a cool idea just because it’s been 45 years since his passing and still today he is one of the cats that people know most when you even say “jazz music” all over the world.”