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As he is wont to do, Miles plays an understated, melodic solo. Then boom, out comes Trane. His tone is robust and muscular, his dynamic range is broad, and his melodic lines are filled with dissonance and tension. The solos juxtapose one another perfectly. It’s almost as if Miles uses Trane’s innate intensity as a compositional tool.

A bridge over troubled water, John Coltrane’s Blue Train takes the dregs of the big band era and fuses the major influences of that proving ground for many of jazz’s giants with the budding compositional and performance based changes that would later alienate the pioneers of the post-bop movements from aging mentors who preferred the regimented syncopation and organizational rigidity of the classic bandstand environment from whence the whimsically vaudevillian swing and steady pay came. A work of deference to its musical forebears, it is as much a note of thanks as a sheepishly insincere apology for the creative rebellion the album is primed to encourage.