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It should come to no surprise that jazz masters who posses the secrets to the universe are also some of the flyest looking people. On keep reading »

An unforgettable shock of white hair juts from his chin in stark contrast with the color of the brass, and punctuates the mouthpiece of the horn belonging to Pharoah Sanders, the soul stirring tenor saxophonist from the Bay Area by way of Little Rock, Arkansas. Once known around the bay as Little Rock, Sanders soon replaced his given name, Farrell with Pharoah, and set about living up to the title – from the elongated beard to the unforgettable powerhouse of a stage presence created by his wailing vibrato and the mystical compositions that have come to typify his catalog.

When Gerald Watson approached DJ 2-Tone about creating a “mixtape”, or a natural blend of some of the grittiest Wu-Tang verses in history, and some of the more obscure and varied jazz artists over a number of generations, a few questions came to mind. 2-Tone recalls, “When Gerald first approached me about the concept, I knew instantly this was going to be somewhat of a challenge. As an example, the time signature differences between a lot of jazz and hip-hop in their musical forms, and another factor was the sound quality of a number of older and earlier jazz records from some of the big band groups, some of the early Count Basie and Ellington.”

The evolution of jazz saw a huge rupture in its once cohesive mass, as post bop followers of John Coltrane moved in the direction of the “less intelligible” and formless direction of free jazz, whereas others stayed staunchly where they were, resistant to the anthem of change itself.