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With Eddie Palmieri’s upcoming concert revival of his classic Harlem River Drive (1971) on the horizon, Revive has protest music on the mind. Before Palmieri and his band perform the keep reading »

Fresh off the tail of the igneous 1960’s, 1971 was still a hotbed of activists seeking justice, equality, and freedom from the skewed social constructs that stained the past keep reading »

Coltrane and rhythm changes aren’t the only things in this world that musicians improvise over. While blowing over “Giant Steps” in 13/4 at 400 bpm keep reading »

The annual Red Bull Music Academy has grown into a hotly anticipated event of seminars, classes and performances, and being held in New York City for the first time has driven the quality and demand up to new heights. In one of the most anticipated events of the month long festival, A Night of Improvised Round Robin Duets at Brooklyn Masonic Temple was a magnet of multiple genres and sensibilities, making for an once-in-a-lifetime musical potluck that nourished music lovers of all types. Here’s a recap of every duet:

In the latest edition of Funk Archaeology, Egon — famed record collector and founder of Now Again — explains how modal jazz once again came to the attention of diggers around the world.

The 15th Annual Red Bull Music Academy will be held in New York City this year. For any interested vocalists, instrumentalists, DJ’s, musicians, producers, this offers an amazing opportunity to interact with the industry’s greatest as an average of two guests per day give their insight and advice.