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I’m in Denver, Colorado right now and I was sitting in with a band. My drummer, Alvin Ford, came to me and showed me a Facebook update that says, “We lost another one. Rest In Peace George Duke.” I just immediately ran away somewhere where I could be alone and cry. Then I left and went back to my hotel and I’ve been crying for the last four hours. I can’t sleep. I can’t stop weeping. I’m devastated. I know God has a plan for everybody and no matter who you are, you’re not excluded from those plans. That’s the way of life.

Check out footage from Bowlive III featuring Soulive with Derek Trucks, Ledisi, Nigel Hall, and the Bowlive Horns.

Alecia Chakour notes that she is inspired by storytellers — and that rings through her own sultry, captivating voice, which tells a story of its own. Coming from musical family roots, Alecia’s voice draws from a variety of influences — a background in the rhythm and blues scene, jazz greats like Alice Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, and Oscar Peterson, and memories of powerful musical experiences with the singers and artists in her own family. Currently working on her own record, Alecia continues to pursue the unique, authentic sound that she has developed from her experiences — musical, familial, and otherwise — in New York City.

Sitting down with veteran musician and vocalist Nigel Hall opens up the doors for a no-holds-barred, blow-by-blow analysis of the music industry among his many other insights. He isn’t afraid to tell anyone what he thinks and in turn live up to his own expectations. From his days drumming in awe of Questlove to the minute he bought a Rhodes and sang the blues, Hall opens up to us about his inspirations, aspirations, and expectations.

Soulive’s third annual Brooklyn Bowl Residency, aptly entitled Bowlive, will kick off tonight 2/28 featuring Soulive with special guests John Scofield and Luther Dickinson. The line-up includes an exciting blend of new and established artists that are sure to complement the Soulive textures. Read on for the full schedule!

The Instruments Issue centers on exceptional, challenging or thought-provoking moments and movements in jazz. At the heart of our creative energy for this issue is an insistence on understanding the musician’s experience and illuminating the mystery around their instruments.

Check out our joint OKPTV and Revivalist video exclusive capturing the excitement surrounding Soulive’s October performance at Terminal 5 featuring, as always, a slew of intriguing special guests. The Revivalist feature focuses on Soulive with some exclusive concert footage, interviews, and more with a look into Roy Hargrove’s special performance with the Soulive musicians.

The most rewarding thing about being in the jam band circuit is the fans – really – their love for music. Their pure, raw emotion. Whatever you are feeling coming out of your instrument, they appreciate. They love it. They never come to the show expecting to hear the same thing they heard at the last show. They’re not unhappy if you don’t play a particular song.

The duo Break Science, comprised of drummer Adam Deitch and keyboardist Borahm Lee are an anomaly. They always find a way to translate their curiosities and experimentations into new music, while still preserving their roots. Recently, The Revivalist caught up with Deitch and Lee at Brooklyn Bowl’s Bowlive, the 10 day music festival hosted by Soulive, where they revealed that the instruments they play are the vessels they use to communicate their plethora of complex musical concoctions.

In preparation for the drop of Pharoahe Monch’s new album tonight, check out our exclusive footage from Pharoahe perfroming with Soulive at the second annual Bowlive residency at Brooklyn Bowl.