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This week we take a look at the evolution of the low end of the saxes, the baritone and tenors. These players have defined recordings, performances, sounds, and styles with their rhythmic sensibilities, tonal innovations, and harmonic compositions. Take a look as we go down the line.

Back at the Chicken Shack, Jimmy Smith’s deliciously soulful and bluesy album recorded and released in 1960—and also featuring Donald Bailey (drums), Kenny Burrell (guitar), Stanley Turrentine (Tenor Sax)—is to this day, one of Smith’s most revered bodies of work. This was a period when Smith was most inventive, most daring and enthusiastic, known for his striking and energetic techniques. Smith’s use of the organ successfully satisfied the role of multiple instruments, utilizing the lower register as a walking bass, and the right hand for playful and jovial melodic spurts. Smith’s playing was always tastefully colorful.