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When you’ve got chops on the piano like Rachel Eckroth does, it can become easy for audiences to overlook her other artistic talents— singing and songwriting to name two. Moreover, when you’re a female pianist, it may almost seem cliché to enter into the singer-songwriter space, getting looped in with a whole crew of underwhelming acts. Yet, when you’ve got a voice like Rachel does, it’s impossible to ignore for long. A unique passion bubbles at the surface of her music, refusing to become lumped into something it’s not—namely the boring reality of pop music today. Currently in the midst of releasing a project entitled ‘Let Go,’ we sat down with Eckroth for a discussion on the intimacy of her music, letting her voice shine, and creating the most important record of her adult life thus far. Check out what she had to say before you head out to her set at the Blue Note’s Late Night Groove Session on 8/10/13.

Today we’re bringing you a mix from the heir apparent to the Hammond B-3 Organ, Joey DeFrancesco. DeFrancesco began sitting in on his father’s gigs by age 6 continually progressing on his B-3. By age 17 Miles Davis had asked Joey to join his band which resulted in DeFrancesco touring Europe with Miles and recording the classic Amandla album. Later he went on to record with other legends of the organ including Jack McDuff and Jimmy Smith as well as leading his own band. Check out below as we take a trip through his discography.