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Supreme Sonacy Vol. 1 is a huge undertaking. With a personnel list that boasts over 40 musicians and six different ensembles, the album runs the keep reading »

Multi-instrumentalist, composer/arranger Slingbaum‘s unique contribution to Supreme Sonacy (Vol. 1) is more than just a modern look at a timeless piece. His exploration and re-imagination keep reading »

One of the hallmark features of jazz is its ability to evolve with the times. Because it is a form of expression that asks for keep reading »

Sonacy — The undefined, unexplained derivative of sound; a melodic experience without conformity or category. Much too expansive to explain, it just is. While our keep reading »

In preparation for Supreme Sonacy (Vol. 1)’s August 7th release (our second album under the Revive/Blue Note Records imprint), we are showcasing six saxophonists who helped make keep reading »

Our Supreme Sonacy Satellite Concert Series continues with a double header at Blue Note Jazz Club on June 8th as part of the Blue Note keep reading »

It is our privilege to announce that Revive Music, in partnership with the legendary Blue Note Records, will bring the spirit of our credo to keep reading »

There are incredible things that can be done with digital technology, but the innovation of something else seems like a waste of time to me. What’s fascinating is how we can use all of this stuff as instruments to create something we hear in our heads that we can’t get any other way. Or something we feel, something coming from us. Why not, you know?

No other instrument has the same effect on the soul. From Sunday morning church to the Friday night clubs and some of your favorite recordings, the organ has tied itself both emotionally and musically with varying genres and styles, and as such has become one of the most unmistakeable sonic elements within music.