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Check out Pierce Freelon and The Beast featuring a live Big Band performing a tune called “Sleeping In My Bed.” The Beast is also performing at the Hopscotch Festival this weekend (September 8th), alongside The Roots, Killer Mike and The Hot at Nights (Nicolay).

The Instruments Issue centers on exceptional, challenging or thought-provoking moments and movements in jazz. At the heart of our creative energy for this issue is an insistence on understanding the musician’s experience and illuminating the mystery around their instruments.

After weeks of anticipation, the Revivalist is pleased to announce the full release of The Beast’s Guru Legacy EP, brought to you by Pierce Freelon, Eric Hirsh, Peter Kimosh, and Stephen Coffman along with a slew of special guests. The Guru Legacy EP consists of several jazz arrangements from the Jazzmatazz catalogue, as well as sample-based remixes of those arrangements, by various hip-hop producers.

Guru Legacy consists of several jazz arrangements from the Jazzmatazz catalogue, as well as sample-based remixes of those arrangements, by various Hip Hop producers. Look for more Guru: Legacy this May.

But I will say that I’ve always seen Guru as – kind of like a trumpet. It’s funny that he’s deep into that jazz tradition. But Guru was never minstrel and that’s what really set Guru apart from most of the other people in the hip-hop culture. Because hip-hop was all about bravado and a bunch of exclamation points after your presentation, which basically rendered most of the people in hip-hop sort of one dimensional. No so much with Guru. He wasn’t a caricature–very cool, very laid back. He appeared as every guy. He never bragged about what he had and what he didn’t he was more about teaching lessons and showing you reality. There’s a lot that we can learn from Guru. That’s how I see him.

Last week we brought you “Keep Your Worries” from The Beast’s upcoming Guru Legacy EP. This week we have a behind-the-scenes look at the recording process and an interview with Beast-master and emcee, Pierce Freelon.

The Beast, a hip-hop quartet comprised of Pierce Freelon, Eric Hirsh, Stephen Coffman, and Peter Kamosh are preparing to release their latest EP, Guru Legacy, aimed at reinterpreting some of Guru’s tracks and digging into the effect Guru had on musicians in both the hip-hop and jazz realms — two places they know very well. In the weeks leading up to the Revive Da Live Big Band Tribute to G.U.R.U. we will be releasing new material from the EP including tracks, remixes, videos, and interviews with captivating musicians who have been influenced by Guru.

The Beast, who released their hip-hop/jazz project Freedom Suite here at The Revivalist, recently released a music video for their hip-hop, jazz and salsa anthem “Translation” from their album Silence Fiction. The song features a 12-piece salsa band Orquesta Gardel, horn arrangements by pianist Eric Hirsh, and a “trumpet battle” featuring Alberto Carrasquillo and Al Strong. This song certainly makes us feel like its Friday!

The Revivalist family held down the dingy jazz haven Nublu last Thursday night to celebrate the launch of our website. Special guests included powerhouse Maurice Brown, Igmar Thomas and the Cypher and The Beast, who shared in celebration with the release of their project The Freedom Suite.

Album Preview of Jazz vocalist and multi Grammy nominee Nnenna Freelon joins hip-hop quartet The Beast to release Freedom Suite: a 10-track collection of creative reflections on jazz and hip-hop. Freedom Suite will be available for FREE download, digitally released on Okayplayer’s jazz inspired channel, The Revivalist, on October 26, 2010.