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SXSW 2013 will be an exciting year for jazz aficionados with more and more live music and jazz being represented, honored, performed, and discussed. Among the exciting features is a panel entitled “Miles Davis Bootleg 2: The Lost Quintet” which will discuss Davis’ 1969 live lineup that toured Europe and the subsequent box set releases of this year as well as their significance.

The two remaining members of the collective that took us on our first Bizarre Ride in November 1992 have kept their high-pitched voices mostly quiet over the past several years, all the while being portrayed as what they describe as “the bad guys.” After two plus years of refusing to participate together in any interviews, they finally decided the air required some overdue clarity, and chose Okayplayer as the venue to clean up the muck. This is the story of the Pharcyde, as told by Uncle Imani and Bootie Brown.