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Eric Lewis aka ELEW is one of the scariest pianists around. Not in a bogeyman hiding in your closet or under your bed manner, but keep reading »

Music lives and breathes on stage. The split second choices that improvisers make and the communication between musicians on the bandstand provide audiences a sense keep reading »

Etienne Charles is a connector of styles, a fusion of cultures, and most importantly an visionary of groove music. Bringing together his own influences on his latest record entitled ‘Creole Soul’ entailed not only digging into his own roots, but also the roots of those artists who inspired the very development of his style. We sat down ahead of the 7/23/13 release of ‘Creole Soul’ to break down the concept behind the record and discuss Etienne’s own path. Check it out below and be sure to head over to LPR on 7/23 for the release show!

Blue Note Records’ celestial compilation album, Wizard of the Vibes, pairing of virtuosic vibraphonist, Milt “Bags” Jackson coupled with the high priest of the keys, Thelonious Monk, is nothing short of musical magic. The aptly titled recording attests to the musical wizardry emblematic of this bonding of varying styles. Brewing in a cauldron of mesmerizing sounds Wizard of the Vibes display the beauty, clarity, and soothing grace of Milt Jackson’s nimble rattling of the bones juxtaposed with the spatial complexity signature to Monk’s revered chops.

Thelonious Monk was one of the true, undisputed innovators of jazz. His influence, both in playing and composition, altered all of us as musicians and even more fans of the art form. Straight, No Chaser primes itself as the definitive film documenting Monk’s life. With insight from family, friends, and collaborators such as John Coltrane, Teo Macero, Johnny Griffin, and more the picture the film paints is one of incredible talent and collaborative spirit. Early on Monk took notice from fellow jazz legends Fats Waller, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and more, which only furthered his vibe and energy. Check out the entire film below and comment with your thoughts!

Today we remember one of the greatest jazz drummers to ever grace us with his music. Legendary drummer Paul Motian died early this morning at the age of 80. His easily distinguishable minimalist approach to holding down a beat brought our the best in musicians like Bill Evans and Scott LaFaro in the historic trio, Thelonious Monk, Paul Bley, Bill Frissell, Charlie Haden, Ron Carter, and Keith Jarrett, among many others. His candid personality and endless timeline of contributions has left jazz fans and musicians alike remembering their favorite recording or meeting.

It is popular for artists to say that their music defies genre labels. They insist that their music exists separate from simplified categories such as: hip hop, country, or R&B. Contrary to that trend jazz pianist Robert Glasper does not shy away from his jazz roots and affiliation. Over the last decade Glasper has developed a unique sound that has allowed him to perform with everyone from soul singer Maxwell to pop star Kanye West.

The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz is ready to celebrate it’s 25th year in Washington DC on September 12th, and Aretha Franklin, our beloved Queen of Soul music will be honored for her outstanding contribution to music.

The evolution of one of South Africa’s most significant artists is complex in theory and, at times, even seems to be contradictory. From Dollar Brand to Abdullah Ibrahim, his music maintained a humble dignity and yet irrevocably shaped the movement against an oppressive political system. His contributions to society go beyond an inclusion in the canon of music’s elite. Abdullah Ibrahim is where timeless art meets progressive politics.

For an artist, there may be no greater barometer of excellence than the Apollo Theater. Since its formal inception in 1913, seemingly every great artist has had the opportunity to perform on the venue’s iconic stage. One of the Apollo Theater’s earliest showcased artists was a 17-year old Ella Fitzgerald, who gained notoriety through the famed amateur nights.