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An undeniable virtuoso, guitarist Matthew Stevens is in high demand as a sideman. Most recently he was an integral part of the sound of Esperanza keep reading »

Playing with modern heavyweights like Esperanza Spalding and Jamire Williams says a lot about what Corey King‘s peers think of his skill. Whether he’s sharing keep reading »

Robert Glasper is set to make several appearances at the legendary Village Vanguard from February 24th through March 1st. Glasper will be joined by Vicente Archer (bass) keep reading »

Jamire Williams’ ERIMAJ took crowds on a journey at Harlem Stage this past weekend. They have certainly have taken the reigns for music change today.

The first surprise of the night came during the first song of the night, “The Backward Step.” Payton sat down at a Fender Rhodes, playing lulling, plaintive chords. The shocking part was not him playing Rhodes in lieu of trumpet, but of his playing Rhodes and trumpet simultaneously! As White played a hi-hat heavy march, Payton held down the horn with his right hand, while continuing to play respite chords on the keyboard with his left. His trumpet solos were reminiscent of the kind of soulful phrasings found throughout the CTI Records catalog.

A fundamental lesson that I’ve been taught is that there should be strength beyond the presence of any one individual. The Robert Glasper Trio is a testament to that. The Trio consisted of Robert Glasper on keys, Vincente Archer on bass, and Jamire Williams on drums.

Tonight (12/8) through Sunday (12/12) Live at Village Vanguard is featuring the Robert Glasper Trio which includes Glasper on piano, Jamire Williams on drums, and Vicente Archer. For this series, the Village Vanguard has joined up with jazz radio station WBGO. Glasper is best known for being on the cusp of modern jazz, along with numerous collaborations in the hip-hop realm. Archer and Williams are veteran musicians with the experience to match Glasper’s leadership. Don’t fret if you can’t make it to the concert any of the nights though, WBGO is broadcasting live on 88.3 FM while NPR is streaming a live webcast of the performances. Each night there will be sets at 9pm and 11pm.

Pianist Marc Cary comes to the Blue Note on Monday November 22nd with his Focus Trio featuring Earl Travis on bass and Sameer Gupta on tablas and drums. Known for his technical wizardry on the piano, Cary has played with everyone from the late vocalist Abbey Lincoln to Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest.

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